Gul Qand


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Gul Qand

A Sweet Treat

Gul Qand is made of Rose petals and sugar and historically has an important place in culinary and pharmacopeia of Subcontinent of India and Pakistan. It is liked for its medicinal properties, taste and Aroma.

Gul Qand is some time called as Rose Petal Jam and can be eaten with bread or be used as dressing of cakes and other baked products.

Gul Qand is also used in Paan, Milkshakes and to garnish sweet dishes.

Gul Qand is considered a rejuvenator, detoxifying agent, anti-aging tonic and a treatment of a wide range of ailments in Ayurveda and Alternative medicine.

Gul Qand reduces pitta and heat in the body, a reduction in eye inflammation and redness, strengthening of the teeth and gums, and the treatment of acidity. Gul Qand has cooling properties and relieves tiredness, lethargy, itching, aches and pains. It also helps in reducing burning sensations in the soles and palms.


  • Gul Qand is a powerful antioxidant and a very good rejuvenator.

Digestive Health

  • A very good digestive tonic – helps to improve appetite, improves digestion and corrects digestive problems.
  • Consuming 1 – 2 teaspoons of Gul Qand helps to reduce acidity and stomach heat. It also helps in treating ulcers and prevents swelling in the intestine.


  • It is a natural anti-aging treatment. Helps remove wrinkles and fresh up skin.

Women in Pain

  • It can be used to treat dysmenorrhea and is effective in relieving menstrual pain. It is also helpful in treating excessive white discharge problem.

Skin Care

  • Gul Qand helps to remove toxins from the body and purifies blood. Thus, it helps in giving a clear complexion and prevents the occurrence of various skin problems such as acne, boils, whiteheads etc.


  • Helps to reduce excessive perspiration and foul body odor.
  • Having two teaspoons of Gul Qand before venturing outdoors can help prevent sunstroke and may reduce nostril-bleeding.

General Tonic

  • It has a calming effect on the nervous system, thus helps in reducing stress.
  • Gul Qand helps to treat mouth ulcers, strengthens teeth and gums.
  • It is good for all those individuals who have water retention problem, as it helps in increasing urine output.

Due to its high sugar contents, it is not safe for diabetic patients.

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