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Sarang Stevia powder

Stevia rebaudiana is one of the 200 plus species of Asteraceae family all belongs to Brazil and Paraguay. The species in this family we are also known to be Chrysanthemums and Marigolds etc. The Native Americans are known to use it as sweetener and medicine for at least 1500 years.

The sweetness of plant Stevia is caused by 8 Glycosides found in it. These glycosides are stevioside, rebaudioside A, C, D, E, and F, steviolbioside, and dulcoside A.

Stevia leafs are 15-20 times sweeter than refine white sugar. Some of the products from west are isolated forms of one of the glycosides from the plant Stevia. These products don’t have the goodness of whole plant but sweeter 200 to 400 times more than sugar. In the process of isolating the glycosides many harmful chemicals are introduced to the final product. Some of these chemicals are toxic to lever and carcinogenic. 

The least processed, whole herb is recommended by the health professional worldwide. The whole herb is in use for many centuries in South & North Americas and Japan and no adverse effects and reported ever.

  • It is a Herb and a Natural Sweetener
  • It is a Zero Calories Sweetener so it is safe for Diabetes patients. 
  • It is gluten free so patients of Salic disease can safely use it.
  • Least processed, just dried Stevia plant hygienically and grounded to powder to make it easy to use accurately 
  • Unique because most natural sweeteners contain calories and sugar (like honey), but green leaf stevia has no calories or sugar
  • Used in Japan and South America for centuries as a natural sweetener and health remedy
  • Tastes sweet, slight after taste
  • 15–20 times sweeter than sugar
  • Has been shown to benefit blood sugar levels, cancer, cholesterolhigh blood pressure and weight loss
  • Found safe in hundreds of studies and trials(long term & Short term) around the globe including USA (FDA) & European Union 
  • Best option, but still should be used in moderation

Why Stevia is to be used?

Stevia is the most thrashed natural herb by the scientists / researchers now a days. At least 477 research studies to evaluate its ability to be used as natural remedy are available and the number is ever-increasing. 

Studies published in scientific journals Nutrition & Cancer and Food Chemistry shows a considerable reduction in Breast and Colon cancer. These studies terms Stevia as Natural Cancer Treatment. 

Using stevia in place of white sugar means getting rid of one of the primary dietary causes of chronic and deadly health problems like diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer.

  • Stevia has Anticancer abilities
  • Stevia can be used by Diabetic patients
  • Stevia Helps Reducing Weight
  • Stevia lowers Blood Pressure
  • Stevia Improves Cholesterol Levels (lowers LDL and Increases HDL) 

Sarang Stevia powder is natural product, locally grown, Leafs are used as sweetener. No Chemical has been used in any stage from growing to post harvest processing. Fine leafs are just dried and grounded to powder. 

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