Garlic Infused Honey


Group: Infused Honey

Form: Honey

Packing: Jar

Quantity: 400 G

Category : Chemical Free

Brand : Sarang

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Garlic Honey
Antibiotic – Antifungal – Antiviral – Antioxidant Power House

Garlic & Honey as a Natural Healer
Both garlic and honey are high in antioxidant compounds. These healthy chemicals help to balance your immune system and prevent illness.
Garlic is used as an herbal medicine for ages and in almost all the areas of its cultivation. In fact, it is one of the best infection fighters available for both bacterial and viral infections. Its antibacterial action is as potent as1% Penicillin.
Garlic may be particularly effective in treating upper respiratory viral infections due to its immune-enhancing properties and its ability to clear mucus from the lungs. It destroys and/or inhibits various bacteria and fungi, such as Streptococcus pneumonia, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus anthracis, and Salmonella with an extreme antibacterial action equivalent to 1% penicillin. It also prevents Anthrax.

The Garlic Information Center of Great Britain says:
“Garlic is the only antibiotic that can actually kill infecting [anthrax] bacteria and at the same time protect the body from the poisons that are causing the infection. It is known that the most sensitive bacterium to garlic is the deadly Bacillus anthracis, which produces the poison anthrax. Even the forefather of antibiotic medicine Louis Pasteur acknowledged garlic to be as effective as penicillin, and late studies showed similar activity to a more modern antibiotic, chloramphenicol. Even the blood of garlic eaters can kill bacteria; and it is also reported that the vapor from freshly cut garlic can kill bacteria at a distance of 8 inches!!”

Garlic Honey for Memory & Brain Health
Garlic Honey may also protect your brain from common diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s
Studies note that aged garlic extracts contain a high amount of an antioxidant called Kyolic acid. This powerful antioxidant may help protect the brain from damage due to aging and disease. This may help improve memory, concentration, and focus on some people.
Garlic Honey is an Immune System Booster
Garlic Honey for Natural Cold Relief
Garlic Honey for Heart Health
Garlic for Increased Physical Performance

Remove splinters  ___  Banish cold sores
Repel mosquitoes  ___ Prevent food poisoning
Improve overall skin condition  ___ Prevent hardening of the arteries
Help protect against cancer  ___ Fight off free radicals

A spoon of Garlic Honey before bedtime will change your life for good

The nutritional and health compounds in garlic and honey may cause side effects or reactions in some people. Talk to your doctor before you take garlic or honey supplements. Garlic can cause a negative interaction with medications that thin your blood. These include:

Salicylate (Aspirin), Warfarin (Coumadin), Clopidogrel (Plavix)
Garlic may also interfere with an antiviral drug called saquinavir that’s used to treat HIV.
If you’re allergic to pollen, it’s possible that you may be allergic to some types of honey. In that case, consult your doctor before consuming it.

One Teaspoon with a Garlic clove once or twice a day or as prescribed by the Doctor.
People with diabetes may use honey in consultation with their Physician

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