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Strengthens bones

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Moringa oleifera Benefits (Powder & Tea)

A missionary, Father Dr. Lowell J. Fuglie used Moringa oleifera tree miraculously to fight out the famine in Senegal. He sent the children with extreme malnutrition and declared irreversible, back to school with the help of the now called The Miracle Tree, we knew it for ages as Suhanjna, Horse radish tree in English and botanically Moringa oleifera. But we have not explored its hidden treasures the way Father Fuglie did. After his revelation to this wonder of the nature the world focuses on it and the research proved it as a new “Super Food”. Its highly nutritious profile and powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and tissue-protective properties made it even more popular.

It is a small tree found Pakistan, India, and Nepal that has been used for generations to treat and prevent diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, anemia, arthritis, liver disease, and respiratory, skin, and digestive disorders. It is endemic to South Punjab, Pakistan.

Moringa has become popular as a leaf powder supplement, although the pods, roots, bark, flowers, seeds, and fruits are also edible and of equal importance. The crushed seeds cleans contaminated water unprecedentedly. Even the water from streams, canals and ponds can be made safe to drink. It’s used as a traditional remedy for many ailments, and here are some scientifically backed benefits of consuming it:

Packed Nutrition

Moringa is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It contains significant amount of vitamins A, C, and E; calcium; potassium; and protein.

Fights free radicals

Antioxidants fight free radicals, molecules that cause oxidative stress, cell damage, and inflammation. Moringa contains antioxidants called flavonoids, polyphenols, and ascorbic acid in the leaves, flowers, and seeds. This means it prevents the damage and degradation that free radicals cause in the cells of different organs in the body, keeping them healthy and functioning at their best.

Fights inflammation

Inflammation can lead to chronic diseases like diabetes, respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and obesity. Moringa reduces inflammation by suppressing inflammatory enzymes and proteins in the body, and Moringa leaf concentrate can significantly lower inflammation in the cells.

Helps reduce some diabetes symptoms

Moringa leaf powder has been effective at reducing lipid and glucose levels and regulating oxidative stress in diabetic patients, which means it lowers blood sugar and cholesterol and improves protection against cell damage.

Protects the cardiovascular system

Moringa leaf powder has heart-healthy benefits, particularly in blood lipid control, the prevention of plaque formation in the arteries, and reduced cholesterol levels.

Supports brain health

Moringa supports brain health and cognitive function because of its antioxidant and neuro-enhancer activities. It’s also been tested as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease with favorable preliminary results.

Its high content of vitamins E and C fight oxidation that leads to neuron degeneration, improving brain function. It’s also able to normalize the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline in the brain, which play a key role in memory, mood, organ function, responses to stimulus such as stress and pleasure, and mental health, for example in depression and psychosis.

Protects the liver

Moringa contains high concentrations of polyphenols in its leaves and flowers that protect the liver against oxidation, toxicity, and damage. Moringa can reduce liver damage and fibrosis and reverse oxidation in the liver. Moringa oil can also restore liver enzymes to normal levels, reducing oxidative stress, and increasing protein content in the liver.

The liver is responsible for blood detoxification, bile production, fructose metabolism, fat metabolism, and nutrient processing, and it can only fulfill these functions with the aid of liver enzymes, so it’s vital they stay at normal levels. For instance, lower levels of hepatic enzymes can impair its ability to filter the blood.

Contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties

Moringa has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that fight infections. It’s been effective against types of fungi that cause infections on skin and strains of bacteria responsible for blood and urinary tract infections and digestive problems.

Enhances wound healing

Moringa has blood-clotting properties in its leaves, roots, and seeds that enhance wound healing and can reduce clotting time, which means it reduces the time it takes for scratches, cuts, or wounds to stop bleeding.


How to Use It

You can add Moringa powder to your smoothie or drink it as a Leaf tea. The leaf powder was deemed safe in human studies, even in larger doses than normal. The powder has a mild flavor, so it makes for a light tea with a slightly earthy taste. Moringa can have laxative effects in large quantities, so a safe dose to introduce it into your diet and avoid digestive problems is ½ to 1 teaspoon per day.

Moringa Powder has been heralded by Vogue magazine as “redefining beauty from within.” 

It is packed with skin-loving vitamins including:

  • Vitamin A: 32.5% of NRV
  • Vitamin E: 16.9% of NRV

Vitamin A is essential for healthy, radiant skin and Vitamin E protects cells from oxidative stress helping fight the signs of ageing. Antioxidants are essential for protecting, repairing and preventing cell damage, helping support the ageing process of the skin in the long-term. They counteract oxidative stress and the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that damage collagen causing skin dryness, fine lines, wrinkles and premature ageing.

The skin benefits of Moringa are so exceptional that Moringa Powder is one of the first food items to ever be sold in the beauty halls of prestigious London department stores Liberty and Selfridges.

A single serving of Moringa Powder (10g or 2-3 teaspoons) provides:

  • Iron: 46.8% of your daily requirement (NRV) 
  • Magnesium: 19.1% of NRV
  • Vitamin A: 32.5% of NRV

Iron and Magnesium both support the reduction of tiredness and fatigue in the body, and Vitamin A supports the metabolism of Iron. Adding Moringa to your daily routine is an effective, natural way to prevent tiredness and fatigue.

The rich iron content of Moringa powder also makes it ideal for vegan, vegetarians and those suffering from anemia.

One of the best Moringa benefits is its super immune-boosting powers. Maintaining a healthy immune system is essential for helping our bodies stave off infections and illnesses. Moringa oleifera leaves are an extremely rich source of:

  • Iron: 46.8% of NRV
  • Vitamin A: 32.5% of NRV

Both of which are essential for the normal function of the immune system.

Many studies have been done about Moringa’s potential as an anti-cancer agent. Moringa leaves have been shown to have beneficial properties in the fight against both breast and colon cancer cells and research is ongoing. 

Moringa oleifera leaves are almost 25% protein, which is unusually high for a plant. Moringa powder contains 9 essential amino acids making it a complete source of protein, supporting the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. The high protein content of Moringa makes it particularly beneficial for vegans and vegetarians who can struggle to get a sufficient protein supply.

One of the key Moringa benefits is its high magnesium content. Magnesium is essential for normal psychological function and the normal functioning of the nervous system. An old home remedy for anxiety, apathy, depression, headaches, insecurity, irritability, restlessness… and sulkiness.

A single serving of Moringa powder contains 19.1% of your magnesium NRV helping fight stress and keep a sense of calm.

  • Moringa powder is a rich source of calcium (29.8% NRV) which contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes.
  • It also contains 31% fiber which can help support a healthy digestive system and bowel regularity. Fiber can also be helpful for weight management as it helps you feel fuller for longer.  
  • Moringa is a rich source of iron (46.8% NRV), calcium (29.8% NRV) and magnesium (19.1% NRV), all of which support energy-yielding metabolism. A green smoothie with Moringa in the morning will keep you energized all day!
  • Having healthy eyes and normal vision is something that can often be taken for-granted but which requires the right nutrition to maintain normal function. Moringa is a rich source of vitamin A (32.5% NRV per serving) which contributes to normal vision.

Moringa Powder is a source of magnesium, with a 10g serving providing 19.1% of your daily requirement. Magnesium is essential for maintaining strong and healthy teeth. It’s great for kids to help keep their teeth nice and strong.

Maintaining strong and healthy bones is an important component of overall health. Moringa oleifera leaves are a rich source of vitamin K (213.3% NRV), protein (23%), calcium (29.8% NRV) and magnesium (19.1% NRV) all of which support normal bones. 

NRV stands for Nutrient Reference Value

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